Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On Hiatus

Due to time restraints, I will no longer be updating How The Web Was Woven regularly. I will still be using it each January and August to post pictures from Memphis though. To view the archives, please click the 'older posts' button below and for my future Elvis articles (many more to come) please visit my main site, Moon in the Gutter. Thanks to those who visited here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Elvis Week 08: Insider's Conference

The two day Insider's Conference was terrific this year. Guests included Dixie Locke, The Imperials, Jerry Schilling, Joe Guercio, Celeste Yarnall, Francine York, Sammy Shore, DJ Fontana and Susan Henning among others. Here are some photos from the festivities.

Elvis Week 08: Concerts on Graceland's Lawn

Both of this year's concerts on the lawn were terrific. Night one consisted of Andy Childs and a showing of Jailhouse Rock while Night two featured a great performance by Terry Mike Jeffrey with three members from the TCB Band (James Burton, Glenn Hardin and Jerry Scheff) and The Imperials plus a showing of That's The Way It Is. Unfortunately most of our pics didn't come out so I am just presenting these two to give an idea of how it looked.

Elvis Week 08: Behind Vernon's House

We were excited to get these shots from Behind Graceland taken from Vernon's Dover house.

Elvis Week 08: Outside Vernon's House

My mom, girlfriend and I were able to go inside Vernon's house on Dover but we were asked to not post any indoor shots, so here are a few outside the house.